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Samsung Galaxy S7 And Galaxy S7 Edge Might Get Android Nougat Full Model OS Replace

You can check information about Android OS 2017 later here. Android Nougat could probably be nicknamed The Juggler” because of how it brought the gift of strong multi-tasking to Android. Apparently, nonetheless, it may possibly not just be Android that will advantage from that. According to Chrome Unboxed, even Chrome OS gets a taste of that multi-tasking if and when Nougat comes to Chrome OS. Apparently that may really be quickly now, at least for those in the improvement channel, as screenshot reveal Chrome OS running not just Android 7. but Android 7.1.1 even.

Google hasn’t introduced how much tickets are or when they may go on sale. Final year, it did a lottery system, that means anyone could apply to get tickets, however just a few had been accepted. With the intention to register, you wanted to go to the Google I/ web site throughout the registration period, register … Read the rest