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Using Debit Cards A huge buying and spending power are youngsters between the ages of 13 and 19. This consumer group, on average, spends about $5,000 each per year. That funding is provided mostly by Mom and Dad. For school shopping, you may send your daughters to the mall or you may have a child who just can’t seem to keep away from the video arcades. It is their money to spend because you say that it is money they’ve earned by mowing lawns, baby-sitting or with part time jobs. At real risk for developing credit and spending habits which will not serve them well in just a few years is this age group regardless that your reasoning may be true. If you’ve had a child go off to college, he or she has been offered credit cards and that I can guarantee. For seemingly attractive credit card offers, lenders do target college kids and many of them do sign up. They may not have the financial savvy or experience to understand what they are getting into unfortunately. Educating your children today, more than ever, about the use and abuse of credit is important. I was very concerned when I first heard about parents actually encouraging the use of debit cards. What you and your child might just need to build a foundation of financial literacy is a parent-controlled use of debit cards. Although debit cards look like credit cards the similarity should end there. Your student can charge on up to the credit limit of the card on the very day the card is received with credit cards. A debit card can be used like a credit card but only up the balance on the card at any particular time to pay for goods and services. So, because next month’s rent is not available to him, you can fund that amount monthly and know that your child can’t use up next month’s rent this month if you and your student have agreed on a particular allowance from home for various expenses.
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If you think about it, a checking account is what debit cards actually work like. Rejected is the card when there is no more balance on the card. To to put money into a checking account which would take a couple of days to clear, parents don’t have to make a mad dash at lunch. Setting up deposits to a debit card on a regular basis is what they can do and those amounts do appear on time on the debit card balance. Parents can breathe a sigh of relief because this really is a good tool for you and your young spenders.Services – Getting Started & Next Steps