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Three Remarkable Business Steps that Daryl Katz Made The success story of the founder of Katz Group, Daryl Katz, is surely a stunning one. The Katz Group is one of the Canada’s largest companies owned by a private entity. However, not much about Katz’s career is known by many people, except for the fact that he’s the owner of an NHL team called the Edmonton Oilers. Upon closer examination of the investor’s career, you’ll discover a pattern of impressive business moves typified by the eagerness to utilize ever single investment success to fuel the ever- swelling portfolio of ventures cutting across pharmacies, entertainment, and the property market. The Pharmacy Businesses Daryl was merely a toddler the time his family ventured into the retail pharmaceutical ventures. That time, his father, a pharmacist by profession, started and managed a large chemist shop in Edmonton. Years later, Daryl finished law school, started a law firm, and gained more interest in his family’s enterprises. Together with his father, they created the Medicine Shoppe in 1992. Yet, Katz demonstrated enthusiasm for a bigger acquisition than a mere single family-owned pharmacy. By 1996, the investor had acquired Rexall pharmaceuticals, which had several stores all over Canada. Both Medicine Shoppe and Rexall expanded under Katz’s stewardship. Within only 6 years, Katz had harnessed the success of small pharmacy to grow his investment portfolio to about 243 drug stores.
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Daryl Katz completed the acquisition of the Edmonton Oilers for C$200M in 2008–a step some investors would deem risky. He had bigger strategies than just to acquire the hockey team. He strategized on how to convert the northern Edmonton area into a complex for entertainment that would appeal to people from all sides of the city. Katz utilized several years in negotiations with the Edmonton city council with the view to availing funding for the creation of the Rogers Place stadium–the home to be for the Oilers. The city agreed to put C$279M into the plan. The billionaire investor plans to put more of his money into other real estate ventures in the area, including residential properties, condos, and restaurants. A Feature Film Business Daryl Katz made up his mind about expanding his businesses by getting involved in the feature film industry. He and experienced producer Joel Silver merged effort to come up with Silver Pictures Entertainment with the goal of creating feature film and internet content. “House on the Haunted Hill as well as “Gothika” are some of the projects the company has successfully been involved in. All that Daryl Katz touches converts into a success story, it looks like. Certainly, his signature business executions are worth copying. As long as he consistently makes clever investments, he’s not limited regarding what he can develop based on what he owns today in the property market, entertainment, and pharmacies.